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The Terrain Park Smart and Skier Education Initiative

At Terrain Park Smart, we believe the most important risk reduction tool is education. Please allow me to introduce Terrain Park Smart and Ski Mountain safety; a project focussed on creating a nationally standardized terrain park and skier education resources for winter resorts. With the use of the NSAA/Burton Snowboards Smart Style/Get Smart and Know the Code videos and training principles, we have designed standardized programs to make the education initiative available to all consumers of NSAA member resorts. Starting as a collaborative initiative of NSAA leaders and members, these full featured online training programs are simple and available to all users (resorts and consumers). A simple link from your area's website will provide terrain park users and skiers with an interactive and educational experience on Smart Style and skier education initiatives.

Fully functional versions are available for you to test drive now.

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Benefits and features of this online resource

ski safety This is a national campaign, standardizing Smart Style/Get Smart education and training across the industry. We work closely with the NSAA and industry leaders to integrate updates and/or changes and make them seamless to your resort. You will never have to worry about keeping your training current.

know the code As users register and associate their registration with your resort, their information will be logged and made available to your resort management via secure online access. No additional marketing or information sharing will be permitted (we will not sale or distribute user information). Each resort will have the ability to run reports on user names, contact information, training information, completion information, etc. Resorts can report on who has taken the safety training for their resort.

terrain park smart For resorts requiring terrain park education prior to entry to a terrain park, a customized completion certificate will be delivered to the user and to the resort for pass issuance. The certificate may be customized by the resort to include instructions, liability information and/or attached waivers, contact information, and even a special offers by the resort.

ski and snowboard safety The program is well designed, entertaining, and suited for all ages. Terrain Park Smart used the help of key industry leaders to provide a simple, yet effective program. The process is simple; a link from your resort website > a brief introduction > a succinct registration process > the NSAA/ Burton Snowboards Smart Style/Get Smart video > 5 quick test questions > completion certificate. Information is then sent to your resort and recorded in a database for later access by your resort.

terrain park education Free setup! This is a turn-key solution for resorts to give their guests the latest training on safe use of their terrain parks. This project was designed to promote the Smart Style/Get Smart program and help resorts track those that participate. If your resort issues terrain park passes there may be a small processing fee of $1 per pass issued. If your resort doesn't issue a pass you can still gain access to all of the features for only $500 for the entire season.

Verson NR vs. Version R

We have two versions of the training available. Version NR (not required training) is designed for resorts where training is optional for the terrain park user. Users will be enticed to complete the training through the use of attractive discounts from national advertisers and/or special resort deals (such as discounts in your restaurants or on tickets, etc). Terrain Park Smart will pursue national sponsors to provide additional motivation for users to complete the training. Version R (required training) is designed for resorts which require training prior to entry to a terrain park designated area. A custom completion certificate will be delivered to the user via their screen and an e-mail. User information will then be made available to the ski area via special access to the database.